Grid System

I created a grid system in order to be able to provide a visual integrity and continuity between the different singles released at different times from the 'Redbreast' album. Each cover bears visual references and color codes from the song it belongs to. Thus, both a visual frame and a modular structure were formed in itself.

1st Single: Mornings

'Mornings', the first single released from the album 'Redbreast', was the first song to announce the musical background and visual world of the album. The cover has been designed based on the theme of 'Morning', symbolizing the birth of the new album with the colors we use to see at dawn, graphics portraying the day/night cycle and the rising sun visual.

2nd Single: How Many Hell Should a Madman Have?

The second single, 'How Many Hell Should a Madman Have?' contains a slice of Can Kazaz's life. It was about his ex's forgetting Can because of amnesia, after they broke up. Cover design was built on the concepts of amnesia, madness and hell —using warm colors as these concepts refer to.

3rd Single: When Summer Is Over

The third and last single 'When Summer Is Over' is about trying to get back to old habits after summer love. The broken glass visual refers to the clip, and the sand texture used refers to the coast and summer. The tones on the cover carry references from the colors that turns into pastel with the summer ending.