Artı Series: Portfolio Cards

In celebration of our design studio's first anniversary, we are pleased to announce the “Artı Series: Portfolio Cards”. For each brand we have collaborated with, we have defined keywords and designed unique icons for these cards, each of which directs to the respective project through QR codes. For instance, the “Intellectual” card is linked to Esquire Turkey’s new visual identity, the “Winner” card leads to our Galatasaray campaign, and the “Sustainable” card points to SuCo’s video ad, which can only be revealed by scanning the QR code. This interactive feature creates a fun guessing game for viewers while allowing them to explore our studio’s work. These limited edition boxes are a special gesture of appreciation to our clients for the projects we have worked on together. We have produced only 100 units, which will be sent as gifts to our partner brands and will not be reprinted or sold again. As a tradition, we plan to design a new limited collection product every year on our anniversary, July 12th. We hope to make the Artı Series a cherished subculture of our +Stüdyo for years to come.