Bonne Nuit - Chocolate Pâtisserie

Bonne Nuit is a confectioner specializing in chocolate production, inspired by French pâtisserie. Bonne Nuit produces only their patented and unique products, aims to turn eating chocolate into an experimental practice and present it as a privileged experience, and has branches in selected districts of Istanbul/Turkey such as Karaköy, Galata, Kadıköy, and Caddebostan.

Bonne Nuit asked us to create a packaging design system that reflects this unique production concept and will carry its corporate identity. We used the forms of Bonne Nuit products in the logo we created. As color palette, we were inspired by the colors of cocoa beans, which are found in different colors in nature. The chosen typeface is intended to balance the fun world of the emblem, expand the target audience and reflect Bonne Nuit's playful yet serious nature.

In packaging design, we aimed to increase branding by carrying the visual language of the logo and created packaging design with social media value by drawing special illustrations for each product related to their names.