Dream Gigs Illustrated is a series of gig posters by an ever-growing group of artists. Imaginary gigs that never happened, missed gigs because of time and place, gigs that are experienced first hand and have left their mark... It's up to the artist to decide. The possibilities are endless.
"When I closed my eyes and thought about 'my dream gig,' I thought about all my favorite bands and tried to choose the ones for whom I would do anything to see live. The indisputable result was The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen. First, I was just going to pick one and draw, but I really couldn't. I felt that it had to be a festival with all three of them -and in their prime-. Then I said, 'Why settle for a festival when I can have a private gig in my living room for my birthday? It's a dream anyway!' It was a bit tiring to draw them all, but I think this turned out to be a poster that I can look at and say 'I dreamed one hell of a dream' until I get old and die. If positive thinking really works, I'm expecting one of these people in the poster to knock on my door on my birthday with his guitar or something. If we believe, it will happen."