SuCo, a renowned brand of reusable water bottles, was established in 2015 with a mission to promote healthy water drinking habits and reduce the usage of plastic bottles in Turkey. Through their efforts, they have transformed the traditional approach to water bottles from its core.

Recently, SuCo made several improvements, including refining their logo after 8 years, changing the logo placement on their products for the first time, and strengthening the bottle cap. To showcase these upgrades, SuCo partnered with Artı Stüdyo to create a digital campaign that features a modern visual language and bold color schemes. The campaign highlights the brand's new logo placement, the added durability of the caps, and the expanded product range.

The dynamic film, which is the centerpiece of the campaign, was produced by Alld Studio. It features music and sound design by DingDong!, and the vocals were lent by Ardıç Duygu Ceylan. The film showcases the various features of SuCo's new and improved water bottles, such as their ergonomic design and leak-proof caps.