The Beach of Momo - 5th Year Anniversary

'The Beach of Momo,' one of the most popular venues in Çeşme, Turkey, has been offering its visitors an outstanding beach experience for years with its private bay filled with natural beauties.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary this year, Momo asked us for a unique visual identity. First, we designed a dedicated logo by using Momo's original logo. Then, we created an illustration set by only using the forms of the original Momo logo, which was inspired by Momo's exclusive audience and the visual codes belonging to its beach. We applied this visual world, which we named 'Momosapiens,' to various objects, from shot glasses to even coconuts, throughout the summer.

Momosapiens were designed to be used in the 5th year only; however, thanks to the attention they received, will likely be used for many years to come.

*The majority of the photos that have been presented here belong to With Creative Studio.